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I used a template I found on a blog for construction and Fortunekitty's picture for the decoration guide. It's dodgy because the template didn't work and it didn't fit when I went to glue it together But I offset the walls to make it all interlock, the result being each side is off centre. I photographed it on an angle to make it less obvious I later found the tutorial by Fortunekitty with the correct measurements. Oh well, maybe next year. My husband loves it though!

Laegwen posted:

That's awesome! I have not tried 3-D cookies so far, but maybe I will give it a try sooner or later - your telephone booth is surely inspiring me to.

Thank you so much! You are always inspiring me so it's such a compliment

Bakerloo Station posted:

What do you mean "dodgy?!"  This is AWESOME.

This is how it's dodgy! I can't believe I didn't check the measurements. I'm just relieved I found a way to make the pieces fit since I'd already iced them   And I'm super happy for your comment!


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Cookies Fantistique by Carol posted:

Wow, this was a LOT of work and it shows in the detail! I love your ingenuity and willingness to try new things. Just beautiful

Thank you so much Carol! You and many others here are always inspiring me to try new things   Love this community!

Marie - LilleKageHus posted:

It's brilliant! I am completely in love with it. Seeing this has made my day.   (from Marie, lifelong Dr Who fan, aged 40 and 1/2   )

Yay, I'm so glad! Thank you

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