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"My every moment in Mom's eyes" Mother's Day cookie set_Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #1

"My every moment in Mom's eyes" Mother's Day cookie set_Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #1

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Great set, Dan. But a couple of things:


1. You posted it twice, so I have deleted the duplicate image (the one with the least views).


2. Did you intend to enter it into the Practice Bakes Perfect challenge? I am asking because I see you put it in that clip set, but you did not include the challenge number in either the title or tags as the challenge requires. If you intended to enter it, please let me know and also please edit the title and tags to indicate the challenge number.


3. Please also give all images tags IN ADDITION TO putting them in clip sets for all the reasons explained in our site posting guidelines here (this image had no tags; I added them this time but members should do this themselves) : http://cookieconnection.juliau...READ-BEFORE-YOU-POST 


Thanks so much.


Dear Julia,

Thank you for timely reminding me my mistakes! Yes I wanted to enter this set of cookies into the Practice Bakes Perfect challenge, but I uploaded it in a wrong clip category for the firs time and thereafter found the right place...that's why I uploaded the pic twice...I wanted to delete one of the two, but didn't know how to do...Sorry:'( Regarding tagging the pic, I didn't know that's what I was supposed to do...Sorry again and thank you for adding tags for me this time, and I will definitely add tags to my pic from now on! I will check the post of Practice Bakes Perfect challenge thoroughly and include the challenge number.


Thank you!!


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Thanks, Dan! If you go to the blue column to the right of any photo you upload, you can add tags and clip sets (and delete images) just by clicking on the right icons and following the prompts. Images you upload are always editable after you upload. Hope this helps.

Great set of expressions - love the one with the neck scarf, a smile, and her closed eyes. Love the boarders on the pictures too. That is a lovely cookie in the center.

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