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Originally Posted by Cindy Morris Scott:

Nice!!!  I so wish I could paint like do awesome work!

Thank you so much Cindy, funny how I hated painting back in school days though! Must be the Cookies bringing it out in me

Originally Posted by Veronica Lee:

By far, the best minion rendition I've ever seen!

Thank you so much Veronica - I needed a couple of off the wall cookies for a special {unusual} newphew

Originally Posted by Cookies Fantistique by Carol:

Awesome!!! I agree with Veronica Lee...this IS the best minion I've seen to date . Such it.

Thank you so much Carol! I am rapt with this one - he keeps me smiling for sure!

Originally Posted by Mily:

Wow!  I would like to paint like you!

You can Mily, just takes practice (a secret - I hated painting when I was younger - somehow cookies have turned out to be my art medium )

Originally Posted by KellyMadeThat:

It's even better when I can see it blown up on my computer screen!!  you set a new standard for Minion Cookies!

Aww Thanks Kelly, I am really enjoying how people like these - GRIN

Originally Posted by Evelindecora:

I play with my little Ale every single day at Minion's rush on ipad. We both say: bananaaaaaaa too you! Great job Kat ❤️❤️❤️

Ha ha - Bananaaaaaa !! Thank you so much Evelin - Not sure who gets the biggest kick out of these - us or the children!

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