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Originally Posted by Econlady:

Adorable! How did you do the water droplets?  Is the ladybug a royal icing transfer?  

Thank you! Droplets were made using isomalt- I'm a complete novice here with the medium! The lady bug was not a transfer, just a little blob of icing added.

Originally Posted by The Lovely Cookie Studio:

This is absolutely ADORABLE!!!I would love to know how you did the moss and the porcupine "hair". My favorite cookie so far! :-)

The hedgehog texture was created by making my own sprinkles- pipe strings of royal icing onto waxed paper, dry, then roll up paper and crunch up as small as you want. Sprinkle on wet flood base layer. I did the same for my shag rug posted previously. The Moss was made using a brilliant technique posted by Mike Of Semi Sweet here:

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