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New Year Cookies with Traditional Japanese Patterns

New Year Cookies with Traditional Japanese Patterns
New year mini cookie set with Japanese traditional pattern

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@Annesweets posted:


Is there a name for each of these designs patterns on the cookies?

Happy New Year 2021 Nazomi!!

Thank you for sweet comment!

Upper right: Shippou Tsunagi

“Shippou” means 4 sides and “tsunagi” means connection . A circle is decided into 4 pieces in the pattern and connected, it’s called “shoppou Tsunagi”.

Upper left: Seigaiha

the pattern showing sea wave.
It is known from Japanese traditional dance (bugaku) named “Seigaiha”.

Lower right: combination of Ichimatsu and Karakusa

Ichimatsu is the collection of square with one color . In this cookie, flooded and not flooded. Karakuda is the scroll pattern of leaf and stem.

Lower right: cow’s body

As its the year of cow in Japanese traditional idea of zodiac.

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