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NYC Fashion Week
Evening Gowns for Background Submission

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SugarChat posted:

Thank you @Econlady so much!  Propped them up with new make-up sponge wedges for their photo shoot - just seemed appropriate for them to be "up" instead of flat on the table.  Again, thanks!

Good idea!  I'll think about that the next time I photograph cookies.

Hi, @SugarChat, These are lovely, but I can't use them on the site without a banner to go along with it, and I don't see that you've included that here. Also, I'm doubtful that much, if any, of this background image would show when loaded to the site, as your upper left corner has no cookie matter in it. Please read this post about how to size the two images (banner AND background) for use on the site (also read the link in point 5, which discusses where to place content in the background for it to show): http://cookieconnection.juliau...kgrounds-and-banners

I'd love to use this image somehow, so once you've read the post and submitted a banner image, please attach any updates in a comment here and tag me (with @feature) so I know you've made changes.


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