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Old, New, Borrowed, Blue

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Originally Posted by Laegwen:

Beautiful - and makes me wonder again how people actually manage to pipe quatrefoil...

Thank you so much! These gave me some trouble during the planning stage, and I see more than a few boo-boos, but overall, I was happy with the outcome. Quatrefoil is such a fun pattern. As long as my icing consistency is just right, I can do it. If not, it's a horrible mess! Stencils are a quick way of getting the same overall look, but I like the dimension piped patterns give to cookies. 

Here is a photo of just this cookie. I didn't want to post it separately as it may not have made sense without the set. Originally Posted by Sugar Happy Cookies:
Thank you! Originally Posted by Fernwood Cookie:

The "borrowed" is my favorite. Beautiful.


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