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Out with the old, in with the new!!
Royal icing, sanding sugar, nonpareils, petal dust and a wish for a peaceful new year!

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Joanie posted:

OK these are just darling. However did you carve that baby's mouth ... before baking? I love them both. Great work

Thanks Joanie!

I start with a silicone cookie mold (I handcraft them), so it gives me a 3 dimensional canvas to play with. The baby's mouth is designed into the mold, but it can be altered to fit the effect I want with royal icing, or making it larger before baking. BTW, the dough isn't baked in the mold, just used to create the 3D cookie.  Here a photo of the mold itself with a zombie version.  Feel free to view my website Artesão Unique & Custom Cookie Molds if you want to check them out.                                                                     

 Zombie baby



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  • Zombie baby: Baby Silicone Cookie Mold
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