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Owls, by Kim Damon.  Cookie assistance from The Cookie Architect
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #2- NON ENTRY

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Originally Posted by craftsandbaking4me:

nice work, what means non-entry?

craftsandbaking- as hostess of the challenge- I like to participate, but I am not entering to win the prize!  All CC contributors cookies for the challenge are considered "non-entries"

Originally Posted by Lucy (Honeycat Cookies):

Just wonderful! So who's Kim Damon? And did she make/decorate the cookies or did you? I want to know all about this new partnership!


Kim is my friend, neighbor and daycare provider. We get together for crafting fun nights. Usually non-cookie related. But she saw the challenge, printed out the blank cookie pic and did a sketch.  So I baked cookies, and using leftover icing we concocted a plan to cookie her sketch.  I piped, and we used the dehydrator.  We collaborated on color choices and things.  She used food writers to add details, and I did some too, and got out the luster dust.  We literally were passing the cookies back and forth. She also made the great background picture just for this.  Also, there was wine. As you can imagine, it was fun.

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These are fantastic!!! So awesome to have a friend (not on huge web) to share the craft with I had not seen much with owls and lately they seem to be everywhere including party supplies, kids decorations, and even little girls daughter just got three new outfits from people all with owls  

maybe that will be my next challenge to off of clothing!! 

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