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Sewing Machine
Part of Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #24 Entry

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Hi, @talia! Nice entry! However, we don't like to have multiple versions of the same entry posted into our challenge clip set, as it makes it hard for judges to find the discrete entries. If you have close-ups of your entry that you want to share in the future (like in the case of this photo), then it's best to attach them in a comment under your one entry.

This all said, I have moved all of your close-up shots out of the challenge clip set, leaving your one entry there. The close-ups will remain on the site, but not in that clip set. If you also want to attach them under your entry, then please return to that entry and add them in a comment underneath. Thank you.

talia posted:
Thank you for taking the time to do that Julia. I did not really know what I was doing!��. Thanks for the input.

Not a problem. Just so you know, the end of every blog post about each challenge explains where and how to post images to the challenge, so you should probably check that out again before next time.

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