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Pink Valentines
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #20

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Well...this set appeared as a real redux, because I liked the filigree from the other new set and I wanted to make another redo of another Valentine set of mine. I ended up having two new sets which had a bit of a something redo from the two old sets and l got all mixed up. But at the end I just love the result, I think that it turned a good new combo of the both old sets. I wanted to keep the dots, the heart in heart part, the two coloured devided hearts...and I changed everything else... Hope you enjoy it!



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Bakerloo Station posted:

Your new set here has a much more refined feel. Other than the cookie shapes, this was a total redo. Beautiful set!

Thank you, Christine! The old set was my second set made, I wanted to change so many thigs in it...

Anne Marie Adams posted:

I really love the redo the colors are so bright and cheerful I'm not fond of the colors in the old set but that's only my personal opinion

Thank you! I like the colour combo, but not the way I decorated the old set...still it was my second set

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