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Hi, great to have you on the site! I hope you're enjoying it! I've enjoyed seeing your work!


My apologies if I messaged you about this already. I may have.


I just noticed that some of your images posted today aren't cataloged into clip sets or tagged. I thought you would want to read these tips for making your photos more visible/discoverable on the site. It's important to give them descriptive titles (as you have) and to catalog them in clip sets (and tag them) if you want others and search engines to easily find them, or find them at all. 


Read how: http://cookieconnection.juliau...ater-discoverability


I hope this helps!


P.S. I dropped these into "X for Miscellaneous" and tagged them as "pirate," but feel free to reclassify. Also, cataloguing as "Miscellaneous" is always better than giving the photo no classification. (As that category gets large, I may be breaking it up into other categories depending on the themes I see in it.) Thanks!

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