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Polar Bear Plunge
150 Cookies for Food Distribution

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This week’s food distribution cookies were created around existing royal icing transfers.  I made the hats for the snowman cookie a couple of weeks back but they didn’t fit in the snow globe. I wanted to use them somewhere (what else am I going to do with 150 plus small hats?!) I had ample black animal noses on hand (good way to use up black icing!) so I thought of circus bears. I also had a mixture of ruffly purple flowers that, once I sprayed with some pearl luster, kind of blended together.  It turned out to be a breeze to pull together.  Having 150 of those suckers definitely made me smile.
In this area, there is an annual Polar Bear Plunge where people jump into the freezing cold waters of the Chesapeake Bay to raise money for the Special Olympics.  It’s a pretty big deal and raises millions.  This year it has to be virtual because of the pandemic.  People have come up with all kinds of creative ways to take the plunge virtually and there is a lot of press around it.

My husband drops the cookies off at the food pantry each week.  He is always greeted by a very happy special needs girl who greets him like he’s Beyonce because he has a very large container of cookies.  She eagerly takes the lid off to see how the cookies are decorated.  When she saw the cookies this week, she said, “They’re for the Polar Bear Plunge!”  To which my husband said, “Yes. Yes they are.” Both parties were happy and so it shall be.

@E. Sherwood posted:

Love the hats!  I was a Special Olympics coach for years, but never took "the plunge"!  So awesome that you do all those cookies each week!

Thank you ! I’ve never taken the plunge either. I try and support by sitting by the fire, making a donation and eating cookies!🤣🍪❤️

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