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Petra Florean

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My name is Petra Florean,I'm from Bratislava,Slovak republic,but almost 20 years living in beautiful Greece.Mum of 4 kids and we love very much dogs,so we have 3.

For me is hobby,love,passion and many times the way to express myself and very important point - makes me feel so good it's like therapy,art therapy can somebody say!

I started a few years ago with idea to introduce slovak gingerbread to Greeks ,I have to say they love it very much! I actually read the history about gingerbread and you will not believe also gingerbread as so many many things started in Greece.Of course not in the form and exact ingredients as today we know.

I love to make experiments as you can see on my creations,everytime looking for something new.Love to connect cakes with gingerbread decoration. I have not so much time as I wish to have,but trying to find some for my projects & experiments!



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