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Sea Theme
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #3: I really enjoyed this challenge and the new colors I discovered how to make.

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Originally Posted by Evelindecora:

Beautiful! Love also the chocolate cake background you have used as sand ❤️

No chocolate cake background! It is brown sugar on a piece of tissue paper. I am really sad about the photography. It is my own fault for not learning the exposures of the camera.

Originally Posted by Love at First Bite:

FANTASTIC Tina!!!  I love what you did with my color palette...the colors are spot on and the textures make these sea creatures come to life.  Good luck to you!

I am overwhelmed with all the wonderful compliments and positive feedback on this set. What I learned from this challenge was immeasurable! Thanks again for all the support I got from everyone! <3 Love my cookie friends!

Originally Posted by RebeccArchitect:
Tina- these really are beautiful! Such an amazing synthesis of te new things you've been stretching yourself to do- and an amazing result!

Wow that means allot to me coming from you! Thank you and for everyone for the kindest words. It make me only want to be a better cookier! 

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