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Quick tip for stamping on a cookie with multiple stamps

Quick tip for stamping on a cookie with multiple stamps
Full description in comments.

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Quick tip for using and positioning multiple 'clear/cling' stamps on a cookie.

1. Trace around your cookie cutter for an outline.

2. Position your stamps on the outline as you would like them to be on the cookie (place the stamps with the stamping side down/cling side up).

3. Once you are happy, press your stamp mount onto your stamps.

4. You're ready to get stamping, knowing your stamps are in the right spot, for each and every cookie! Saves having to do multiple stamps. 

Sorry, it was hard to photograph "clear" stamps! I did the best I could!

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Originally Posted by Renae:

I really love this tip, because sometimes I tend to struggle in this area, but it would have been really nice if you took a picture of the finish product 

Renae, I have now posted a photo of this cookie for you  Search under 'Birthday Chalkboard Cookie' Thanks

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