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Quilt Square
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #38 - Quilt

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Christine, when I first found this site around December of 2018. At that time PBP Challenge #31 was just ending. I remember thinking how cool that challenge was, but that I wasn't ready to enter one.

I've now entered five challenges, and in each one I've learned something new. When I saw the lovely challenge you posed this time, I knew I wanted to go back and tackle the wet-on-wet challenge.

For this, I went rather literal and made a quilt block. I'm still working on my icing consistencies, but I know that as Christine Dutcher (sweet prodigy) takes the helm I will continue to be challenged and improve my skills.

All the best! quiltsquares


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I'm glad that you are participating in the challenges. I see a definite improvement in your work. I really love the design of your quilt square. I'm looking forward to seeing what you create for future challenges! 

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