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Originally Posted by Tunde:

Absolutely beautiful!



Originally Posted by craftsandbaking4me:



Originally Posted by Tina At Sugar Wishes:

OH my goodness!!!!! Amazing!


Originally Posted by donaharrisburg:

You are too beautiful and so are your designs.  I love it.  Studying the pic and have to ask how you were you able to pull this off, how did you do it? 



Originally Posted by Kat Rutledge - Ibicci:

Stunning quilling Evelin - and the one of the right reminds me of Battenburg lace. I adore your creativity. (and that extension work - Wow!) ♥ Kat


Originally Posted by Michelle west Sion:

Wow.  Beautiful

Thank you sweet ladies ❤️I just wanted to try this new material (rice paper was absolutely unknown to me ) on cookies and I've found it very funny and versatile, love it!

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