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Royal Icing Sushi Miniatures on Cookie
The whole cookie is 5cm x 5cm ❤️

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Bakerloo Station posted:

Gah!!!!!!!  I love this SO MUCH!  This is my favorite miniature food display yet!  Just brilliant.

Me too, ahahah! Even if I don't eat sushi, I loved a lot creating this mini japanese scene ❤️

Laegwen posted:

I herewith officially name you the Willard Wigan of Cookies...

Dou you pipe with a microscope?!? This cookie is truly beyond

Ahahah, no, the truth is that I am 42 but still don't need to wear glasses; I think that in a couple of years I will need both glasses abd a microscope! 

Thank you for liking my insane cookie ❤️