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Rústica Navidad de Chocolate
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #19

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Me once again! This time I participated with these rustic cookies, using:

-some silicone molds for chocolate,

- a small pies' tin

- a potatoe smasher element,

- a kind of fruit from a pine to stamp on the cookie,

- tiny letters stamp.

Hope you enjoy my 2nd molded cookies attempt in life. Happy Day my Homemade Cookie Lovers ♡♡♡



Images (2)
  • Elements used for stamping and molding
  • Zoom of stamped cookie with potatoes smasher and letter stamps 😄
Bakerloo Station posted:

Another entry!  Yay!  Thank you for the detailed description of all of your techniques.  Did you bake all of your cookies out of the molds?  

Hi there! I cooked in the molds for the jingermen & candies, although these last didn't get much detail I don't know why as they were also frozen (I thought they would keep better detail)

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