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Hi! Very cute, but please watch your tags - this one was tagged as a snowman and reindeer, which it obviously isn't. Best to upload images one at a time and to assign tags that relate uniquely to each one. Thanks!

Originally Posted by The Cookie Princess (Diana):


Not sure what you mean by the tagging.

You had this photo tagged improperly (as something it wasn't), likely because you did a mass upload. When you do that, all the tags assigned to the upload get assigned to each photo in the upload whether they relate or not. It does no good to tag a photo as something it isn't, because when someone searches on that keyword, unrelated photos will come up. Please read points 3-5 here about tagging (how to do it) and why mass uploads are not the best idea: http://cookieconnection.juliau...READ-BEFORE-YOU-POST


If you have further questions about how to best tag after reading that, let me know specifically what it is that is unclear and perhaps I can assist further. Thanks!

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