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Springerle Easter Bunny Cookies

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I have received several requests to these cookies. Whether the rabbits are shaped, whether they are baked in a mold and so on. The rabbits are baked from a honey dough. (I found the recipe on Instagram: pippa_rostov)
The rabbits are not baked in the mold. Like Springerle, they were pressed raw into the mold and immediately removed from the mold. The molds used are very old plastic molds from prandell or HobbyFun. Originally intended to cast plaster figures with it. But it also works as a Springerle ... One should only bear in mind that the unmolded raw cookies are immediately put in the cold and put cold in the preheated oven. This is how you get the best results! The cookies themselves are very hard and smooth after baking so that you can paint them wonderfully or leave them as they are.

For a better view, here are two examples of shapes:P1250243cc


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  • old Plastic molds: icingsugarkeks

Oh Gabi, your Easter bunnies look like they're about ready to hop off the plate they're so realistic!!! Awesome work my dear friend @Icingsugarkeks!! Did you use a mold to get all the wonderful detail of the arms and legs since you said that these are mostly bare cookies? Or, did you do some shading to create the detail of arms and legs?

Love them all!! Hope you remain safe and well ❤️❤️❤️

Hello my dear cookie friend Carol, Thank you soooooo much for your lovely comment!!! 😘❤️😘
The bunnies are pressed into a mold and then baked without a mold. I described everything in more detail in the 1st comment.
Wish you and your family a great Easter!  @Cookies Fantastique

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