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St. Michaels Community Center
Cookies for Food Distribution

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SMCC Group

Last week I made cookies with the logo for the community center distributing meals.  They had asked me early on if I could do it and, I didn't realize it, but they were joking!  They don't really understand cookie decorating and assumed it was impossible.  It was actually quite easy to reproduce with royal icing transfers and edible markers. 

I will say, the experience gave me tremendous respect for cookiers who do large batches for clients who requests logo.  It's a strange feeling to repeatedly work on a design that is not your own.  So hats off to everyone who does this on a regular basis! 
With all of the current headlines though, this particular logo became meaningful to me in other ways besides the community center.  It's meant to symbolize the "heart of the community".


Everyone was thrilled with the final result but I didn't tell them about all of my broken body parts.  Those extended arms did not transfer well. Arms broke and heads popped off!  I ended up with full hearts and a whole bunch broken body parts! Thankfully, I had enough to get me to 150 intact! 



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