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Stained Glass Fireplace Screen
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #42

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Thank you for this challenge @Sweet Prodigy and Julia.

I was very excited with all the new techniques given by Christine in this challenge.

I was fascinated with Shelby Bower’s video on fairy wings ( My project of the fireplace screen in based on this technique by Shelby.

The lace mixture I had was white so I had to color it in black. I cut zip lock bags to cover the patterns and piped the lace over it. I used 0 piping tip as I found tip 1 a little too big for my liking. Next time might use an even smaller one. I did not have to wait for the lace to dry to fill in with the gelatin. Then I mixed colors into gelatin and filled the outlines. When the gelatin thickened, which it often did, I just microwaved the mixture for just 4 or 5 seconds. I let the pattern dry overnight. It peeled off easily.

This was the first time I was working with lace. It was flexible and once dry I was able to trim the edges with scissors.

I painted the cookies with black gel color and fixed the panels using royal icing.




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  • stainglass pattern
  • stainglass panels
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