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Stencil Swapping
Cookies for Icing Smiles

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This is the variety of cookies that I sent out to the teenagers in recovery. I sent a total of 16 to each but you get the idea. What I like about the set is that it gives me a reliable template for anyone who needs a pick me up. The stencils and royal icing transfers do all the heavy lifting, which makes the decorating a breeze.
An interesting point about this set is that each cookie includes one of Julia’s stencils. Not all the stencils are Julia’s but none are without one of her designs. I mentioned in a earlier post that I have a new system for organizing stencils. Anytime I get one of Julia’s stencils, I print out pictures of her completed cookies. These usually feature a layering of all or most of the stencils included in the package. I put those pictures in a section for completed projects. Then, I separate the stencils into categories - backgrounds, borders, messaging and objects. I add them to the other stencils I have, including Julia’s other sets. When I’m looking for a decoration idea, it makes it much easier to mix and match a new combination. If I can’t come up with anything new, the pictures of Julia’s completed cookies will allow me to piece back together a proven winner.

What a wonderful collection dear Lisa!! I love everything about the cookies. The many stencil patterns, the colors, the flowers and shapes! ❤️  @LisaF

Thanks Buddy. I had a lot of fun making them.❤️❤️😘

Your stenciling just keeps getting better Lisa @LisaF!! I love the vibrancy of color and the designs are perfect for Valentine's Day. Awesome my dear ❤️❤️❤️ Hugs...

Thank you Carol. I definitely feel more confident airbrushing. Some attempts are definitely better than others but at least I have a much clearer understanding of what I’m doing wrong (and right)

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