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Summer Botanical Series: Plumeria Cookie by Julia M Usher
Inspired by Manu's Water Lily Tutorial Here on Cookie Connection; Video Link Below!

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Hi, all! My botanical series continues this week with the tropical plumeria, or frangipani, made completely of contoured, individually piped and airbrushed royal icing transfers! Lately I’ve been feeling a bit stranded on my own personal island, so I made these pretty little tropical flowers to cheer myself up! I hope they brighten your day too! 


SPECIAL THANKS to my awesome video team Two57North and to @Manu for her inspirational water lily tutorial which spurred this botanical series!

@Manu posted:

So beautiful and realistic, Julia! It is like looking at the real thing.

Thank you! And thank you again for that motivating water lily tutorial!!

@Kanch J posted:

So amazing and realistic. Appreciate your generosity for sharing the wonderful video. 

Thanks so much, Kanchana! I'm glad you enjoyed the video!

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