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pip posted:

Lovely Veronika 

How did you achieve the crackled background?      Pip

I mixing vodka and food coloring in white powder ( gugarflair super white ) as a paste (that was not liquid) and put it with a flat brush on raw cookie, then put in the oven at 180 degrees celcius. well, chacled for one side (the right in the picture) and on the other very little. I'll keep experimenting . I think before painting should have put an oily base, as vegetable fat, I'll try experimenting, I still have not turned , it 's my first cracked , not bad !. 

You can see the tutorial of (the blog) , she crakle priming first with gel paste color, others cookiers added pasteurized eggs rehydrated before paint with white (u other color for crakle).

Thanks Veronika!   I appreciate the directions.    

You may be a little too hard on yourself regarding the uneven crackle effect.  It's a success.  The unevenness adds to the beauty of the cookie.

Well done.    Pip

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