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Tea for Mommy
Inspired by photos of my friend's toddler to give as a December birthday gift

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I have a friend with a December birthday, whom is also a parent. I wanted her to know how much I appreciate her friendship so I created a dimensional likeness of her toddler daughter on a cookie. This method makes a grand gift for any occasion.
Here is my video tutorial showing how I made this cookie:

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Hi, @bobbiebakes. Super cute cookie! Just an FYI - I have been removing many of your clips from the 3-D clip set, because, by definition on this site, that set is reserved for truly 3-D cookies - i.e., ones constructed from multiple cookies, not ones that have some dimension in the icing (as most do these days). You can see clip set definitions just by clicking on any yellow clip set link above posted photos, or by going to "Clips/All Sets" and then clicking on the clip set whose definition you'd like to see. If you could observe this definition going forward, it would help to keep our clip sets truer to their definitions, and I would greatly appreciate that. Dimensional icing can just be added as a tag to your cookie, as we don't have a set for it per se. Thank so much!

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