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Thank You Plaque
A shelter for animals

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In appreciation for friends sheltering multiple pets between home purchases.  Combo of techniques:stained glass windows from hard candy, flowers for window boxes, 'moss' graham wafers for the topiary, wooden door effect from roughed up gingerbread, frankencookied cats and the window frame.

@Sylvianne posted:

Thanks so much. Your work with the Spirograph still is in my mind.  THAT was incredible.

Thank you @Sylvianne. I really appreciate your nice words. There's actually a reel on my Instagram page that shows how one of them was created - you can see it's a lot less complicated than it looks - but it did take a couple of years before I built up the confidence and skill to pipe those designs. I see skill and talent in your work too. I'm sure your friends are pleased with your "thank you" cookie. 🙂

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