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The Circus Artists
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #11

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Here are my cookie cutters:

Clown= Christmas Tree


elephant=Santa Claus

Acrobat On Horse=Star

seal=Mitten(which I still haven't found yet since this morning)

Nameplate(Is that right?)=Snow Boot




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Originally Posted by Marie - LilleKageHus:


Absolutely gorgeous cookies I love what you have done with the cutters, they're really amazing

Aw,thank u so much,Marie(=^ω^=)
Originally Posted by HappyLorisBaking:


Wow... I am speechless. Amazing cookies, especially considering the constraints of the challenge. INCREDIBLE!

Thank u!!!It's so interesting.^ω^^ω^^ω^
Originally Posted by Bakerloo Station:


STUNNING!  I am so sorry you missed the deadline, but so glad you have still finished and shared this amazing set with us.  You really captured the essence of the challenge.

It is really a challenge for me cuz it's my first time to join this activity,and…miss the deadline.Phahahahah……What a pity ,but I indeed gain a lot through the whole process.It is so thrilling and interesting to think out the ideas!Thank u and I'll come back.(≧▽≦)