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The Jurassic World
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #19

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Here are the molds and a wooden plate that I used for this entry.

First of all I decided to use the dinosaur chocolate mold (Silikomart) for this challege,
then widened the image of dinosaur world!!

Plus I took the opportunity trying for the first time to tint dough.
It's difficult to tint dough to reach the very color I want!!

For the leaves I used the leafmold with several green-tinted dough.
For the rocks I used a cookie in sweetsmold, a shell in sommermold.

As the wooden plate has a unique rugged surface, I press marble dough against it and made the volcano with rocky surface.


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Bakerloo Station posted:

Super cute scene, and great job using all of the different colored doughs!  Your description of your process is terrific!

Thank you♡ I'm glad to hear that because it's difficult for me to describe the process  in my words, especially in English!! 

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