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The Older Light
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #14 - Telperion, inspired by Tolkien's Silmarillion

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- rubber stamps (floral ornaments on background)

- stencils (dot clusters, flower circles on background)

- ri transfers (drops, dots, spirals)

- gumpaste (flowers, leaves)

- luster / petal dust (flowers, leaves, tree)

- sprinkles (flower centres)

- isomalt (dew drops)

staring at laegwen      i haveeeeetokillllllllllllllyou!   this is so grand   bravooooooooooooo     sprinkling    naw    drizzling you with a very wet watered down royal icing      bravoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Wowwww a very representative of what Tolkien describes in his book amazing design, a range of harmonious colors and a magical visual effect !!!! Truly Laegwen you've outdone, is all pleasure to admire your work !!!

Thanks to all of you for this flood of comments - it enhances the fun I had with this cookie retrospectively

And sorry for not replying individually. I had a few days off work and don't ask me why, but I find I have less time when I have more of it *lol*

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