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Originally Posted by Veronica Lee:

All your masterpieces should be framed!  Now you can give us a tutorial on how to preserve and frame cookies.

Thank you, Michaels did a complimentary framing on this set if I would leave it on display in the frame shop for 1 year. The year is finally up and now it's mine for kitchen art. They currently are working on a new display for the shop using my Christmas in July set. It will be fun to see what they do with it. I was unable to capture the beauty of the matts on this one but it really is beautiful. 

Originally Posted by Cookies Fantistique by Carol:

This is a great idea, Teri! The cookies look very big. What size are they?. Do you treat them with something to preserve the RI and the cookie?

Thank you, No need to do anything other than let them air dry,  These cutters are 4-5 ". 

This is officially my all-time favorite. My mother's maiden name was Rose so I'm drawn to a rare few that celebrate the rose. This is magical. I love it! I may attempt this some time, if you don't mind. 

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