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Treasure Chest

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Box of honey dough filled with small "treasures". The colorful broken glass is made from agar agar. I used the same recipe that you use for diamonds on pies. I used lemon flavor as a flavor. The "shards" taste like crispy and soft lemon jelly fruits. Delicious!!



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  • Treasure chest 2: icingsugarkeks
  • Treasure chest 3: icingsugarkeks

Such a clever idea Gabi!! I would just love to taste one of you pieces of "broken glass" @Icingsugarkeks . Is your honey dough a gingerbread type of recipe with honey in it? I'm curious about it as you've made a few projects using a box created with it. It's a wonderful idea! Kind of like a display box for precious family keepsakes. Such a wonderful design my dear friend ❤️❤️

@Cookies Fantastique   @Sweet Prodigy
Thanks a lot for your kind comment!! ❤️😘 I really appreciate it!!!! If there was "beaming" like in Star Trek, I would send your something on the way ... (I hope it's spelled correctly?) I made these agar agar fragments for the first time and I really love the delicate hard crust and the soft, fruity core !!!

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