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Valentine Ruffles Cookie
...indeed not a cookie but, an experiment. My first attempt with run-out ruffles, very tough!

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Originally Posted by queensophia:

looks beautiful as usual.  how do you do this technique?

Hi Queensophia! First draw the design you have chosen onto the cookie with an edible marker, then, with a not too floody icing and a brush you can start making ruffles. It is easier to do that than to explain it! ��

Originally Posted by bette:

Beautiful technique.  I's love to see a video of this process.  Thanks for sharing.

Dear Bette, you are right, i tried to make a tutorial video once....I am absolutely a disaster with it!!! I used a fan to make this effect, putting the cookie upside down at every ruffle. Royal icing must be not too flood ^^

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