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Watercolor Daisies
Watch-Learn-Create Challenge #53

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I used 2Ts Stencils' "PYO Flower Cutter" and it's accompanying template, that I purchased, for the design of the water color painting of daisies.

I love Laura's veil approach but need much more practice.  I learned a lot about powder colors and applying them to fondant.  Thanks so much to Laura for her excellent tutorial.  Thank you also to Manu and to Julia for another opportunity to stretch and learn new skills.

I would improve my attempt next time by using a projector to increase the size of the daisy to better fit the size of the cutter so I would have more space to appy the veiling technique.  It was difficult on such a small area.

Thank you @TeeAdri for participating to the challenge and for sharing your experience. I loved to read “I would improve my attempt next time by…”, which mean that you will continue to practice. I hope you enjoyed this challenge and even if the challenge is over we look forward to seeing your cookies hand painted using Laura’s technique.

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