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Winter Birds Wreath | Bakerloo Station
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #20 - Non-Entry

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This wreath was a re-do of a much simpler holly wreath that I made last year for Christmas.  I used three different kinds of "greenery cookies," instead of all holly, and added the snowflakes and birds.  Finally, in the new wreath, I did not flood the greenery cookies; instead, I sprayed the naked cookies with Wilton gold mist before piping the greens. This is the wreath I wanted to do last year, but ran out of time!  I was so glad I was able to finally bring this idea to life.

Here is my original wreath from last year:Holly Wreath Platter PM

And just for the heck of it, here is this year's wreath without the birds, so you can see the different kinds of greenery:Evergreen Wreath | Bakerloo Station


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  • Holly Wreath Platter PM
  • Evergreen Wreath | Bakerloo Station
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I love these before and after shots! It's like a cookie makeover! Love the vibrant colors and the the birds are stunning! <3 The first set was great, but the second set was taking it to the next level!!! <3 Very nice!!