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Winter Wonderland
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #49

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Winter Wonderland Set (White Chocolate Raspberry Sugar Cookies)

Techniques I used:

1. Beanie Hat

Embossed technique with a knitted cookie stencil and rolled it on the beanie also a rolled aluminum foil to created the wool texture. Coloring done with coloring powder.

Extruded technique with a tea strainer on the Pom Pom to create thread wool.

Molded technique for Holly

2. Gingerbread House

Cutout technique used on wall, the chimney, the snow to create 3D effect, the window frame and the door + door handle. Coloring done by hand painting using gel food coloring.

Embossed technique used on door to create wood grain texture.

Extruded technique used to create the snow layered on the cutout fondant. I extruded & crushed the fondant to create smaller pieces.

Molded technique used on the Holly.

3. Snowglobe

Cutout technique used on the sky and the snow. Coloring done by hand painting using powdered food coloring on the sky.

Modeling technique used on the snow globe base by twisting and pressing fondant to create the texture as shown in the picture. Coloring done by hand painting using silver airbrush food coloring.

Molded technique used on deer, snowflakes and Christmas tree. Coloring done by hand painting using gel food coloring.

I used royal icing as glue on everything.



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Wow! Such a wonderful array of techniques used here. I was hoping that someone would try the extruded technique using a tea strainer - and, as you have shown, it's an excellent way to create realistic looking pompoms! I'm also drawn to the snow covered roof. This is another great example of fondant's versatility. Thank you for sharing this technique with us. The design of your winter them has just the right amount of decoration, and the three-dimensional elements really takes you entry up a level. Excellent work!

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