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Thank you both - If you want to see how the woodgrain effect was created - Pop over to Sister Teresas Cookies - Teresa has an awesome tutorial! It came at just the right time to do these. Thanks, Kat
Originally Posted by La abuelita de las galletas:

I totally agree it is brilliant and perfect !!!


Originally Posted by Ahimsa Custom Cakes:

This is brilliant!  


Originally Posted by Laegwen:

Absolutely awesome! And as I have a birthday comming in August for someone who loves music, I guess I might borrow your guitar

Oh that would be lovely to see what you do with this Feel free to borrow all you like ! X Kat

Originally Posted by donaharrisburg:

beautiful!  Did you see the violin set that tundescreations did? 

Thanks Dona! And I popped over to her FB page and saw them - what a lovely set it was too!

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