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Originally Posted by Sweet Kaleo (LeeAnn Slauson):

WOW, great video. Thank you for sharing, the end product is gorgeous (well, as gorgeous as tools can be anyway!) LOVE IT!!!

Thanks LeeAnn,  I know - tools are tools right! i think I'll make some Rosewood ones for Mothers day next year LOL

Originally Posted by Sarabella:

Thank you so much for the video. These turned out great. I learned a lot.

Oh I am pleased Sarabella, it's always good to hear that someone got something out of a tutorial. Thank you  

Originally Posted by Carol-Anne:

What a neat idea Kat, they look really good and a great gift for any DIY-er! Thanks also for the video.

Thank you Carol-Anne , I have been slowly adding to the tool set as I can. 5 of these went to the guys with the hand painted cars, but the set can easily be for a woodworker now too. 

What a great video!! I absolutely love seeing how people's work comes together and appreciate your step by step color additions. The wood grain look came out looking very realistic. Awesome job

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