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You Are Appreciated
Fall Themed design with message: You Are Appreciated!

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I really wanted to use Julia's Thankful and Blessed wreath stencil, but was not confident enough in my airbrushing skills to do it without a lot of masking.   Thus I created 4 masking stencils (10mil stencil sheets with an Exacto knife - yes, that was a lot of work).

What I did learn is that while the masking approach for each color is good, spraying over with a second color can look better on certain things (as Julia has suggested in some of her videos: that overspray can look good).

I am attaching a pic of the mask stencils I created to create a suite of 5 stencils from Julia's one.


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  • Thankful and Blessed Wreath with addons!: One Stencil Turned in to 5

Another great stenciling job! Though I can't believe you went to the extent of creating all those masks. Wow! With the colors you used, even if you hadn't masked, I think the wreaths would have looked great!

Such beautiful cookies @EAC! I absolutely love Julia's stencil, too, and have used it several times . The work you put into making separate stencils to help with airbrushing took so much time and patience. Your airbrushing skills are definitely good enough to have made these cookies without the extra stencils . But I understand the thinking behind doing it. These cookies came out so well! Love them ❤️❤️❤️ Hugs...

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