Vanilla Flavoring in Baking: Type and Brand Use

In anticipation of Liesbet Schietecatte's next Toolbox Talk, which is all about vanilla flavoring (and primarily that which you use in your cookie dough), I'd like to ask you about the types and brands of vanilla flavoring that you prefer to use. So here goes! This is a short survey (only 15 multiple choice questions), so it should go fast!

(1) If you select any "Other" options in any of the questions, please also specify what that "Other" is in the box that appears underneath. Responses are limited to 255 characters. PLEASE NOTE: THIS MEANS SPECIFYING THE BRAND YOU USE IN "OTHER" IF YOU DO NOT SEE IT ALREADY LISTED IN Q5!

(2) If a question does not apply to you or you don't know the answer, DO NOT skip it; instead, select the "N/A (not applicable)" or "Don't know" option. You must answer all questions, or your responses will not be saved by the system.

Thanks for your participation!

Q1: Do you use any form of vanilla flavoring IN YOUR COOKIE DOUGH? (Please indicate your frequency of use on the scale of 1 to 5 indicated below.)

Q2: Is vanilla flavoring the sole flavoring you use in your typical cookie dough? (Check the description that best applies.)

Q3: What FORM of vanilla flavoring do you most often use IN YOUR COOKIE DOUGH? (Check top one only.)

Q4: Why do you prefer this FORM of vanilla flavoring FOR YOUR COOKIE DOUGH? (Check up to two reasons only.)

Q5: What BRAND of vanilla flavoring do you most often use IN YOUR COOKIE DOUGH? (Check top one only.)

Q6: Is your preferred brand mentioned in Q5 a natural or an artificial flavoring?

Q7: What is the origin of the vanilla bean in your preferred flavoring mentioned in Q5?

Q8: Why do you prefer the BRAND of vanilla flavoring you mentioned in Q5? (Check up to two reasons only.)

Q9: Do you also use the same form AND brand of vanilla flavoring (mentioned in Q3 and Q5) IN YOUR COOKIE ICING? (Check the option that best applies.)

Q10: If you use a different brand or form of vanilla flavoring in your icing, please tell us what FORM AND BRAND you use in your icing AND WHY. (Select option 4 and then fill in the blank that reveals.)

Q11: Do customers ever ask you what type or brand of vanilla flavoring you use, or request that you use a particular type or brand? (Check the option that best applies.)

Q12: Do you use your brand or type of vanilla flavoring as a marketing tool (i.e., do you share it with customers as a way to convey higher quality or to justify a higher price)? (Check the option that best applies.)

Q13: How many pounds of cookie dough do you mix each week, on average?

Q14: Are you a hobbyist or a professional cookie decorator? (Check the option that best applies.)

Q15: And, last but not least, where do you live?

Posted by Julia M. Usher ·