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Hello! I am a beginner at cookieing and love it! However, being a perfectionistic overachiever . . . well . . . this adventure is teaching me to be very kind and accepting of self. LOL! I live near Ft Worth, TX and have been married for 25 years. We have 2 boys! We adopted the oldest when he was 14; he is now 26, and our youngest was 3 at the time. He is 15 now. We try to live a simple life with the least amount of busyness as we can, but most days are slam packed . We have a small B&B outside Ft Worth that keeps us busy. This past summer I began doing yoga on my porch since there really isn't great classes close. It really does help to get my mind focused and relieve stress. I started yoga mainly to reduce the grief of losing my dad to cancer, which sucks (I hate cancer), and then also my mom's passing 14 years prior which I never truly dealt with. I have always wanted to decorate cookies but never thought I was talented enough until I just did it. I was not awful. LOL!! I found that sitting and jamming out to my old classic rock while decorating really calms me . . . well so far. I haven't had enormous orders or anything just yet, thankfully. 

My most difficult cookie achievement is probably a steady hand and then of course my high expectations. I would love that the way I see it in my mind would just suddenly transform on to the cookie (like be an instant Julia) but it just doesn't seem to happen. LOL!! I have noticed that the creations purely from my mind turn out better than copying a design. 

Well, so this is me - silly, sensitive, loyal, beautiful me! I'm 49 and a Cancer. I love long walks on the beach . . . oh, wrong site. HAHAHA! Anyway, if there are other Ft Worthians I would love to meet and have coffee or decorate cookies together! That would be fun!





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  • IMG_0761: cookies I made for our 25th anniversary
  • IMG_0517: my first go at decorating for a friends daughter's b'day
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Hi again, @Marcip5, It's me again, for real this time! (The response above was automated.) I laughed at your last paragraph, but was saddened to hear about your loss of your Dad and Mom. I do hope cookie decorating continues to be a soothing and restorative process for you!

I am thrilled to have you here on Cookie Connection, and hope you enjoy it. Please don't hesitate to ask me or other members about anything, at any time!

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