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I basically have the Pegasus too. Though it's branded differently, it's the same machine.


I can't answer your question about the air filter. I just have a moisture trap which sits mid-hose, and I don't mess with it.


I avoid pulling apart my airbrush to clean it too. (If it ain't broke, why fix it?!) So far, I've had success cleaning it just by pushing about 4 to 8 ounces of water through the gun once I'm done. I flush it with water until the stream runs clear out the nozzle. My instructions also recommend putting your fingertip against the tip and pulling the trigger, which pushes water back into the nozzle to clean it out. Every 3 or 4 uses, I clean it in the same way with airbrush cleaning fluid. So far, no clogging or spattering issues.


My instructions also say something about cleaning the nozzle needle by taking the nozzle apart, but they sort of caution against it, because the needle is relatively delicate. If you bend it, you can adversely affect the flow around it and out the gun. I've never done this and don't plan to unless the performance of my airbrush deteriorates in some way.

I don't think i have a moisture trap?!?! 

My air filter has a hose that, i'm not sure how to connect...or even if i need to connect it?!?!


Thanks for the info about cleaning, that worked great

Didn't you get any assembly instructions with the machine? I'll try to scan mine later tonight and post here. I think our machines go together exactly the same way.

Regina, Here are all of the instructions that came with my machine (in the attachments, below). As you can see, I have a "moisture trap" (which is maybe what your folks are calling the air filter - don't know), which fits midway between the compressor and the gun. Mine came already set up with the moisture trap rigged in the tubing. 


Also to note: On the bottom of page 1, they suggest cleaning with 4 CUPS of warm water, yet on the back side of the same page, they say 4 to 8 oz. I've never used more than about 1/4 cup to flush the gun clean of coloring, so I think "4 cups" is a typo. 


Hope this helps. If still in doubt, I'd suggest calling Karen's Cookies.


P.S. Though it would make sense to me that the moisture trap would serve as a filter, keeping larger scale matter that might be kicked into the compressor from clogging the gun. So my guess is whatever filter you have should be rigged between the compressor and gun for the same reason.


Images (3)
  • Airbrush Instructions: Page 1
  • Airbrush Instructions: Page 2
  • Airbrush Instructions: Page 3

I use to be a ceramic teacher and used an air brush all the time.  The air filter is the moisture trap - two names for the same thing; depends on where the airbrush comes from and what country you live in.


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