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Hi everyone!  I just took an order for 1000 cookies for a business celebrating 50 years!!  Of those, we are going to try air brushing using a stencil or stamping 21 dozen sugar cookies with a fun tire track or tire.  I'm new to air brushing but thought it might be easier to air brush than to stamp one at a time.  Customer said to do whatever works, so have room to try different options.

Question:  How is the easiest way to mass produce 21 dozen cookies and also air brush?!!  Cookie shapes will either be numbers 5 & 0 or round or both. Would it work to make a stencil with several rows of tire tracks or tires and do a dozen at a time?  OR, would it be easier to make a mold, reverse the mold, and use as a stamp?


Thank you for any advice!  If you know of a good template or stamp, that would be great too.

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Not sure I'm following your stenciling question, but I haven't had success stamping with stamps made from molds. I experimented with that recently and the imprints have been pretty bad - at least not what I'm used to. The mold that you're going to use also has to be perfectly flat on the bottom in order to work in reverse as a stamp. 


I think airbrushing would be the faster, more reliable way to go. Anyone can cut you the stencil you need, and you can crank out a simple stenciled pattern in seconds.

UUjerri posted:

What brand of stencil gadget would you recommend that doesn't break the bank

I don't know what you mean by "stencil gadget" - airbrush, stencils, stencil holder??? Could you be a little more specific so I/someone might be able to help you out? Thanks!

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