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Great question just in from Donna's Flour Garden, which I am redirecting to this forum so it is seen by all!


Airbrush Cleaner


Any thoughts?


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Sorry for the delay in responding - busy day!


I can't speak to Kopykake cleaning solution, as I don't use it. I use Chefmaster, and it has a pleasantly mild odor, which I kind of like - so, no, I've not shared your experience! The Chefmaster cleaner that I use is labeled non-toxic and biodegradable; though it unfortunately does not list ingredients, the label goes further to say it's "an all-natural, environmentally safe solution formulated without petroleum distillates" and especially made for use with food coloring. Though it warns it's an eye irritant and to "call physician, if ingested." The latter is not especially encouraging . . .


This being said, I usually don't flush with solution mid-decorating. I'll just run out whatever color is in the cup and add new color, maybe flushing with a little water in between. But I don't usually need to . . . after a few blasts of the new color, it runs true to its color w/o showing traces of the last one in the airbrush. I only use the cleaner for more thorough, in-between cleaning, and I let the brush dry completely between uses.


Curious as to what your label says. I imagine if it's non-toxic, trace amounts on the cookies won't hurt anyone. But check the label. Maybe it's another type of airbrush cleaner not intended for cleaning food coloring?

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