Airbrush Use and Preferences Survey - I'd Love Your Input!

Hi, everyone, I'm conducting  a little market research to help guide my development and design of a new airbrush system (gun and compressor) for use in cookie and cake decorating. I would very much appreciate your input so that I can best tailor the product to meet your unique decorating needs.

Click here to go to the survey. (You can also return to the survey at any time by clicking on "Surveys" in the main navigation line, but be sure to log your answers before January 13, 2017 when the survey closes.)

Thanks in advance!

Psst . . . below is a picture of my airbrush testing station during a recent visit to Badger Airbrush Company, my partner in this new endeavor!

Airbrush Testing Station


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4evrmagnolias posted:

Any news on when your airbrush system will be available for us to buy?

Thanks for the interest. I think we're still a couple of months away; the airbrush is settled, but we're still working on the compressor. I'll be sure to announce here when we get closer.

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