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Hello all,


Like many of you, I wanted to be involved with the ALS effort. Although I don’t sell or decorate cookies as a business, I do create handcrafted silicone cookie molds and recently made an ALS Association logo, with all profits going to its research and patient services.


I’d like to extend a 50% discount on this mold to Cookie Connection members to help encourage you to bake cookies for the cause. Again, all profits would go to ALS.


If interested, find a direct link to the ALS mold here and use code “ALS16” when checking out. The mold is $6 with the discount.


Please feel free to contact me for more details or questions.


Many thanks, Susan


Let’s bake some memories!

Artesão Unique & Custom Cookie Molds



ALS Custom Cookie Mold


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  • ALS Custom Cookie Mold: ALS Cookie Mold and Cookies by Artesão Unique & Custom Cookie Molds
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Thanks for this awesome offer to Cookie Connection members, Susan! I hope many members will partake!

P.S. The image you had tried to insert was broken and not revealing, so I took the liberty of uploading this image from your site. It's a little small, so I would be happy to replace it with another if you'd like. You can also do this by editing the post and inserting the image as an attachment. 


P.P.S. If you'd like, feel free to upload this cookie/mold image to our clips area as well, and put it in the "Cookies for a Cause" clip set!

Originally Posted by Susan Moniz:

 I'm not super tech savvy so thanks for letting me know Julia! I hope I fixed it and added the clip correctly.

Best, Susan


Yes, it looks larger than life now! Great!

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