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When the bug for baking cookies bites it is like no other. Everything around you is a new idea for a cookie, you dream cookies and all you can talk about,read about and think about are cookies; recipes, how to's, tools, following FB joining groups and  of course baking. Your house suddenly smells like sugar and sweet butter, all day and all night. And now it begins. You see someone else's design and think, I want to do that too. You see tools, tips, colors, molds -start scanning eBay and on-line shops and begin buying. What first? This is where I want to give advise of caution. Almost everything you need to make beautiful cookies is already in your kitchen. A small sharp knife, a toothpick, a rolling pin(if fondant will be your choice of decorating) water, a cup for a round shapes and food coloring from the super market plastic bags or parchment paper. Everything you can imagine to learn is on Youtube and on the many cookie blogs. Practice with simple things before you go out and spend a fortune - find a style you are comfortable with. Work with fondant and Royal icing and see what medium gives you the best creative outlet. Try and become comfortable with some great recipes .Then as you get better there may be books you may need to purchase , molds you can't live without, colors you can't make cutters you need , tools that will help you and so on. But you will be in a position to know more about what you REALLY need to bake successfully and be well on your way to possibly beginning a business with out a huge unnecessary start-up expense. So to all of you excited beginner -good luck and see how creative you can be with simple tools and then move ahead. Use the knowledge out there. Bakers love sharing. Learn from us and we have! Sweet decorating!!!

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There are such great artist cookie bakers giving free tutorials and use such basic tools to create the most lovely effects. A few videos are on this site. A personal favorite too is Sweet Am - I like working fondant more than piping and again the tools are insane but the best results can be made with things you find around the house and simple tools and an imagination. Finding one's own style is the most difficult thing of all. Good luck. I began this past Christmas with my 1st cookie so I am new to all this too but got caught up in wanting things I didn't really need in the end, good thing circumstances didn't afford me to run get allot so I do with as little as one can. <3 Sweet baking!

This is great advice, I definitely went a bit crazy when I first got really into decorating. It is so easy to spend a ton of money on all sorts of great stuff, but it really isn't necessary, at least not at first. A few basic supplies can get you very far. 

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Great advice, thank you. My medium of choice is fondant but starting to try a little softened RI

Mine too, someone just gifted me the Wilton tip collection with 55 of them so I guess I need to expand. Fondant molds are expensive and there are a million of them but we can work without it all too! Some are needed mostly to keep up.

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