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Hi, everyone,

I have been packaging my cookies in clear bags with either ribbon or twist ties. I want to heat seal my cookies but then I need bag toppers.  Where is the best place to have them made?  I've heard of UPS printing or Vista print, but all my online searches have left me frustrated.  Any advice?


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Hi Fancy Sugar, well, it depends on how much of the front-end work you can do.  If you are somewhat creative and can actually create the bag topper in a pdf format, I have mine printed at Staples on the 32 pound paper (you can go thicker ply for more of a cardboard feel).  They print color copies very well.  I went ahead and created the template on Word using some cut and paste backgrounds and then added my own text applicable to the event.  I haven't seen many businesses actually do the template process so I'm not very helpful in that aspect.  I can tell you that I use the 4 1/2" wide bags and I fit four of the templates on on 8 1/2" x 11" page.  Makes it cheaper to print. I think I pay about $.60/page which costs about $.15 per topper.  Hope this helps a little bit!

I don't want to come across heretically, but I don't quite understand the thing about bag toppers... I personally find them distracting, waste of raw material, and totally unnecessary. Just think that the cost for one topper will easily be higher than for the cookie material!

How about nice little stickers for the backside of the bag? A lot cheaper, a lot more ecofriendly, don't distract attention from your cookie and are also easier to get. And you can work with one size, whereas for toppers you might need several sizes, if you work with different bags

If you really need bag toppers, Cookie Celebration's idea sounds reasonable. Or if you need real large quantities, contact a local printer and ask for an offer. FYI, my company orders them from China, and we pay between 1-5 cents, depending on size. They are color printed and ready cut. But we order several ten thousand per year, of course.

Thanks for the advice!  I will try Cookie Celebration's suggestion and fiddle around with MS Word to create something I like.  Laegwen, I see your point about cost and materials, and I actually put stickers on my cookies now.  I want to heat seal to keep the cookies fresh and it looks weird without a topper (imo)!

I am agree it is a waste of materials but it is a tred and waterbottles, chocolates and candies in bags must have labels with the event requeriments.     Sizzix has some dies for bag toppers.  Like this:  I am not know if other brands too.   

Hi There!  I'm a bit late to the game here, but I've been researching packaging and came upon your question.  I'm with Laegwen regarding toppers...I think they are a pain and take away from the "artisan" quality of the cookies.  I'm just starting my business and am trying to find the cheapest way to do everything!  If you buy Avery blank labels, you can go to their website or They have a FANTASTIC template program for every printable you can think of. I added my logo and text to the first sticker. Once you save it, you can apply it to ANY template. I've made all sorts of stickers...and heavy weight thank you notes.  Good luck


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